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Music from a Biblical Perspective!

A “buffet” of material on music that is dedicated to helping those interested ‘learn about the language of music’ through sermons, Bible studies, tracts, audio sermons, Powerpoint presentations, and videos as well as trying to show folks how not to Pollute God’s Praises!

What DOES the Bible say about music?

A Pastor / Evangelist for Bible Music!

Preach and teach what the Bible says about music!

Click here to read the list of subjects that are covered in preaching, teaching and PowerPoint presentations
as well as the specific questions about music for the Christian that will be answered.

God deserves praises and worship than what most KJB churches have been doing these recent years!

Who really even knows what the Book says about music, anyway?

This is not about CCM, Hillbilly, Gospel, Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc.
This is not about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ music!
This is not about whether or not your ‘favorite’ CD is a “good one” or not!
Yes, those subjects will be preached, but the bottom line is…

I am willing, available, and burdened to preach and teach in your church, school, or home!

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My Personal Testimony

I Have Been Smitten
This is my own personal testimony about how and why God convinced me to become available as a pastor / evangelist to music in KJB homes and churches. This ‘calling’ took place in October of 2003.

Are You NEW to the Music Controversy?
Why is Music an Issue?
For those of you who have little if any understanding concerning any “music issue,” I invite you to begin here.
Survey of Music in the Bible
This is a Real Audio sermon preached by evangelist Rex Harrison in Toledo, Ohio a number of years ago. This is the very sermon that started me in the direction of this mission field of music .” I strongly suggest that this sermon would be good for your first sermon about music and the Bible!
Former Studies / Sermon Texts
These are sermons / studies that I have presented up until November 2003. Even though I consider them as my ‘early’ material, I still consider them to be a ‘highly recommended read’ if you have not read any other materials up to this point.

A Music Book Online

Biblical Perspective on Music
This online “book” is the first phase of a printed book being written. This online format is for those folks with a serious interest in music so they can follow along with all of the material until it is gathered into one source. The purpose of this book is to show you what the Bible says about music – period!

Sermons and Studies

Newest Sermons / Studies
These are the newest sermons and writings that have been written and preached beginning in 2004. Some of these are updates of the ‘former studies & sermons from before 2004.
The Rise, Peak, Fall, and Crash
of Japheth’s Music

We need to have a standard of music that we know pleases God before we can apply any musical understanding and discernment to the music that is replacing the Bible in most churches and families today. Here is a series, including audio examples of Japheth’s music – music that truly pleased God and fits Philippians 4:8 for our standard of clean God-pleasing music.

Former Studies / Sermon Texts
These are sermons / studies that I have presented up until 2004. Even though I consider them as my ‘early’ material, I still consider them to be a ‘highly recommended read’ if you have not read any other materials up to this point or if they have not yet made the ‘updated’ list of sermons, etc.
PowerPoint Presentations

A few of my music sermons are done with Powerpoint in order to show the charts of music history as well as other ‘visual’ needs in the preaching of music from the King James Bible. You can view these presentations online, although total understanding requires you to hear the preaching. These are being available mostly to make you thirsty for more detailed preaching on music and the Bible!
How the Pentecostal Flavouring Has Come Into Our Bible Believing Churches Through the Banjo, guitar, etc. in Bluegrass Gospel Music!
Music today has become the power of the spirit of antichrist. Once the devil took away the Bibles from folks, he has replaced it with music. Now, he is bringing everyone together into a one-world religion – and music is the universal language of that power – that includes Purpose Driven, Creeks, Pentecostals, ALPHA, mainline denominations along with the New Age mystics. Thanks to the banjo and hillbilly gospel music, even the Bible Believing Baptists are beginning to lift their music over the Book!

Audio Sermons from the Past
Stowe, Pennsylvania
May 17-24, 2003
My first collection of audio sermons on music, I preached these in Pastor Mike Collingwood’s church in Stowe, PA, May 17-24, 2003. I know folks need to be taught music, but I still figure in these ‘last days,’ people need the preaching more than teaching.
Survey of Music in the Bible
– Rex Harrison –
This is a real audio sermon preached by evangelist Rex Harrison in Toledo, Ohio a number of years ago. This is the very sermon that started me in the direction of this mission field of music .” I strongly suggest that this would be a good place for you to hear your first sermon about music and your Bible!

MP3 Audio Music of the “Good ole Stuff!”
Bible Believing Music from a few solid Bible Believing Churches in my past.
This is a mix of congregational singing from our little church family here in Touchet along with some old ‘recordings’ of my earlier day’s involvement as a choir director, accompanist, song leader, orchestra music teacher days in a few Bible Believing churches from my past. Sad to say, but each and every one of those churches have succumbed to the ‘new’ music that truly quenches & grieves the Spirit. If you are longing for the music of those earlier days, just maybe these old tapes would be a blessing to you. Nothing fancy, just hymns and spiritual songs played simply! In fact, many of you probably haven’t heard some of these in a long time nor do we hear these as much as we would like, eh!
Simple Hymns Simply Played
Piano by Mike Paulson – 2004
Approx. 167 Hymns played on the piano – no midi sound here – just the real thing and with no fancy arrangements, etc. Just two verses of a series of hymns. I hope they are a blessing to someone. They are available on MP3, cassette and/or CD for those interested as well as downloadable from your computer.
Simple Hymns Simply Singable
Piano by Mike Paulson 2006
A few hundred of the ‘good ole hymns’ all done with an introduction and all the verses written for that particular hymn – on a real piano. This will work to sing along at any church or home – or in the car, etc. All downloadable, as well.
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