Subjects & Questions
Covered in This Website on Music!

Listed below are the subjects that will be covered in the website.

My burden?  Well, of course I would like to see pastors and their church folks learn about what the Bible actually says about music so they don't have to rely on the 'vanity of their mind' - in otherwords, their 'opinion!' But my real burden concerns the praises that the Lord deserves!  It bothers me to see how the devil is getting into our churches and polluting God's praises!

There is a specific design and purpose for music 
according to the Scriptures!

God seeks people who can and will give Him 
true worship, praise and thanks!

Read and meditate on ALL the verses that 
preach, teach and admonish about Music!
(over 500 verses)

Specific concerns for church musicians such as music students, song leader, the choir, the instrumentalists and especially the accompanists!

Hear preaching about the 'force' and 'power' of music 
that exists openly as well as secretly everywhere today,
with music being one of our main temptations.

Specific scriptural preaching along with music guidance & direction to pastors, preachers, evangelists, SS teachers, kids and their parents!

Is there a music "under the sun" that pleases God!

Take a quick history of music from Shem, Ham & Japheth 
in Genesis to the book of Revelation for today and tomorrow!

Examine the deceitful uses of music in your children's 
Bible studies, SS materials, Videos, Vacation Bible School classes.
This is a serious warning to parents & teachers!

Become aware of the new & ungodly music "trends" 
within our own local churches!

Learn how to "Triumph in His Praises" - EVERYDAY!

See how America is secretly and subtly going 
from Philadelphian (dispensation of Grace)
to Laodicean (Tribulation)!

Is there a music 'style' that pleases God!

Is there really is a perfect and pure music anywhere on Earth!

Specific Questions on Music That are Answered in this Website
1.  Is there a perfect, proper and pure music on this earth for us to praise God; a music that HE accepts totally without reservation?
2.  Is music really replacing preaching in today's churches?
3.  Is there such a thing as 'good' and/or 'bad' music, or is music 'neutral'?
4.  Can music have anything to do with 'demon/devil' possession - even for Christians?
5.  Can we safely use 'good' music to heal physically, mentally & spiritually like David did for Saul?
6.  Is is safe for parents to use 'good' music to calm their children as well as to aid in their studies for better grades, etc.?
7.  Do melody, harmony, and rhythm affect us?  If so, how do we stay in control?
8.  What are the verses that illustrate the improper use of music?
9.  Can one's own personal music quench and grieve the Holy Spirit?
10.  What influence does the spirit of antichrist have on today's new and updated church music?
11.  What important lesson can we learn from Moses concerning music in our churches today?
12.  What is missing from today's modern hymnbooks?
13.  Do we really need to know the language of music in order to understand and control the music in our lives?
14.  What can we learn from Daniel, Amos and Paul concerning music?
15.  Is anything wrong with music being the 'draw' to bring more people to church?
16.  Is there a music that God won't "accept?"
17.  Is there really such a thing as 'Christian Music' vs 'Secular Music'?

Music - the Great Thief!
It Can Rob You of ...
... the work of the Holy Spirit!
... you and the Lord's fellowship time!
... your personal meditation!
... the truth!
... a true heavenly and eternal citizenship for you and your family!
... God's own counsel for your life!
... Your family - spouse and children - sincere Christian friends!
... God's own praises and glory due Him from us and others!
Folks, isn't it about time you took an interest
in what God wants to tell you about music?