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Specific Music Studies

Classic Verses On Music
These are what I call the great 'classic' verses on music in the Bible that have great preaching application and are necessary for an understanding of music and the Scriptures.  Col 3:16; Amos 6:1,5; Nu 20:10-12; Da 3:5-7.
God's Own Inspired, Perfect, Pure Music
What is God's Perfect and Pure Music?  Does it exist for us to 'perform' down here on earth for God?  Sure thing!!  Read this and really see how you can totally please God with that "new song" that He has given us.  What is that new song?
-Hey Pastors / Parents
Do You Suddenly Have a Music Issue 
in Your Church / Home?
Do You Suddenly Have a "Music Issue" In Your Church / home, and you don't know what to do?  More and more KJB pastors / parents need help to open their eyes and ears to what is happening with music in their church / home.  It is affecting more and more people.  This may help enlighten people to what is going on in the hearts & minds of many of his church / home family members!
Saul and David Are NOT
Our Scriptural Musical Example!
I Samuel 16:14-23 
Here is the reference that most Christians use today to justify using "music" to benefit themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.  See here that it is an unscriptural application!  Unfortunately, music tends to exist for the WRONG PURPOSE in most homes and churches today as well as throughout the whole world.
Beyond the Mozart Effect
A series of studies on how the devil has taken Classical music and replaced it for the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians.  Those of us who had sung in school choirs will recognize some amazing things towards the end of this series.
What Has Happened to Christian Music?
A short yet well written article about music in our churches, written from a musical perspective.
Why Offend the Loyal Church
& Home Family Members?
Why are pastors so willing to sacrifice the loyal folks for the sake of 'numbers,' 'feeling good' and for new members.  How long can a person stay loyal to their church family when the pastor brings in the polluted & perverted praises of the modern Christian world into our Bible Believing Churches and homes.
The Messiah
George Frederick Handel
Text only
Considered the greatest piece of music written on earth by both the Christian AND secular world, not only does The Messiah sing and PREACH about the birth of Christ, the life of Christ, the death of Christ and the resurrection of Christ, it preaches about the RAPTURE, as well.  But you won't usually hear that 'particular conclusion' in any community holiday performances!
Stolen Verses from the Hymnals
See here what you DON'T see in modern hymnals today. The devil not only has attacked the Bible, he even has attacked the same doctrines in the hymns of the 1700-1800's.  Please note: we see today, after studying Paul's gospel, that there are even some incorrect statements being sung in many of our 'favorite hymns.'  The devil just doesn't give up!
More Songs on the
'Blood of Christ'
These are verses and hymns that deal with the blood of Christ that you won't find in most modern song books in our churches today, even in the BB churches!
Is Music Burying Our KJVO Churches?
A sermon on what I see to be one of the last nails to be put on the coffin lid of Bible Believing KJB Only Churches!